Nepal new Map in Parliament

Uttarakhand, These days it seems that the three neighborhood countries of our nation intentionally want to increase conflicts with India. Everyday many militants from Pakistan are coming and get killed from the hands of our army men. Also, the Pakistani Army after every few days breaks the border protocols of seize-firing. On the other hand the financer of Pakistan i.e. China has kept its dual face. On Inter-Governmental talks, China urges to maintain peace, on the other hand, it keeps on sending forces on various Indo-China borders especially on LAC. The rest of the shortcoming is being completed by Nepal.

Indo-Nepal Conflict
Indo-Nepal Conflict

Recently, Nepal had presented a new map showing the Indian regions in its Parliament. In this map, Kalapani, and Lipiadhura are claimed as being the part of Nepal. They have forgotten that Akhand Bharat or ancient India covered Nepal, regions from Arunachal to Indonesia, the Arabian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

It looks like Nepal is under the influence of either Pakistan or of China or of both. Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world. It shares similar cultural and religious faith with India. Many Nepalese have found both private and public employment in India. Many have found permanent residence in India. Nepal might be in the influence of them, forgot that India can be its biggest ally. These days Nepalese people have revolted against the Government for providing non-serious and unrealistic infrastructure for Coronavirus treatment and increased.

Nepal’s Government is advised to take care of its corona patients before settling irrelevant border issues.


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