LAC Indo China Conflict

LAC tensions have been more than 30 days between India and China. There have been a lot of bilateral talks between the bureaucrats of both nations. Such talks seem to be useless because the Chinese military often shows aggression at LAC. As per the ANI report, the Chinese forces, again and again, break the bilateral agreement and trespasses on Indian Land with forces. This tends Indian forces to reply back with the same aggression. On 15th June such behavior of China resulted in the form of a violent clash after 45 years in Galwan valley at LAC. As per the sources, 20 Indian soldiers have been martyred, out of which one was an officer. More than 43 Chinese soldiers have also been killed in this. But the question is why China follows the strategy of betrayal?

Why China’s words can not be trusted?

Every nation around the world faces a common problem that whatever China speaks, never ever gets executed. There have been many examples. Foremost of all is on Covid19. Donald Trump has spoken about many times on how China hid the spread and occurrence of Coronavirus for more than two weeks. He also blamed China for hiding the exact number of Coronavirus cases in China on an international level. Apart from this, European countries like Germany and France blamed China to send bad quality PPE kits. Even China mistreated Australia on trading and business. Hong Kong and Taiwan people revolted against the Chinese government to get freedom. Now China has broken bilateral agreement on LAC. It is spreading false information on Global Times that India has tress passed on Chinese territory. Such false information will surely decrease the respect of China in whole world.

Humari Baat view of Indo China Conflict

War is never the solution to anything so both the countries should find LAC solution through bilateral talks. China should think that Indian soldiers will not put their feet back they way it was in 1962. India of 2020, strong, powerful, and aggressive. 1962. This India will reply back to the language used by China. Every Indian should boycott Chinese products. It is the only way to defeat China and support every Indian soldier who is facing the Chinese military. LIFE OF EVERY INDIAN SOLDIER MATTERS.

Salute to Indian Soldiers who lost their life in Galwan Indo-China LAC conflict.


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