Following the election results, the India Alliance received a total of 234 seats, which is insufficient to form a government. Despite the fact that they have fewer seats than the majority, the leaders of all the alliance’s parties appear to be twice as enthusiastic. Following the release of the results, the alliance conducted a critical meeting on Wednesday at Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s residence. During the conference, Congress President Kharge stated that the INDIA coalition invites all political parties that have steadfast trust in the preamble of India’s Constitution and are committed to its goals of economic, social, and political justice.

Kharge stated that our alliance will not offer any claim to form a government at this time. When the President invites the largest party to present a claim, the India Block will monitor and assess the situation.

Mallikarjun Kharge stated at the INDIA Block meeting that the popular opinion in the 18th Lok Sabha elections is overwhelmingly negative against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The election was fought on his name and face, and the public sent a clear message to his leadership by denying the BJP a majority. For Modiji, this is not only a political but also a moral defeat. The India Alliance is India’s voice, and it has made its decision plain. The people of the country have given their all to safeguard democracy and the Constitution, and we will pursue this resolution with all of our might.

Dipankar Bhattacharya, general secretary of the Communist Party of India Liberation, stated following the alliance summit, “It was a fruitful meeting.” We approved a resolution thanking the people for their support during our election campaign and stating that this mandate is absolutely opposed to the BJP government.”This is a mandate to defend the Indian Constitution and oppose the Modi government’s inflation, unemployment, and crony capitalism. The India Alliance will continue to battle against the BJP’s fascist regime and Modi under its leadership. We shall take appropriate action at the proper moment to fulfill the people’s desire not to be dominated by the BJP government.


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