New Delhi: Now there is good news for the residents of Delhi, who are suffering from a water shortage. The Supreme Court ordered Himachal Pradesh to let water into the Yamuna. Actually, on Thursday, the Supreme Court heard the Delhi government’s case on the city’s growing water crisis. During this hearing, the Supreme Court ordered Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of water. The court further stated that there shall be no waste of water in Delhi.

The bench of Justices Vishwanathan and Prashant Mishra hearing the case stated that it is a matter of right of way to transport water. We must pay attention to such a significant subject. Himachal Pradesh is providing 150 cusecs of water; therefore, you (Haryana) let it go. If necessary, we will contact the Chief Secretary. Singhvi, speaking on behalf of the Delhi administration, stated that a meeting was held and that Himachal Pradesh is willing to provide water, but Haryana has not responded.

While hearing the case, the Supreme Court stated that all members of the Upper Yamuna River Board agreed that both states are experiencing extreme heat and require water. Himachal Pradesh was represented at the meeting held on June 5. Himachal Pradesh has stated that it wants to share the excess water with Delhi. As a result, we issued an order to release 137 cusecs of water to Himachal. The court stated that the Yamuna River Front Board will manage the amount of water that has arrived.The Supreme Court will consider the case on Monday.

The Supreme Court directed Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of water into the Yamuna. Delhi will receive additional water from the Hathini Kund Barrage. According to the court decision, Himachal Pradesh will discharge 137 cusecs of water starting tomorrow. The Supreme Court said that Haryana should participate in this effort. The court has also ordered that all parties submit their reports on Monday.


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