New Delhi: Even before the swearing-in event, the impact of the allies on the Modi government’s third term had begun to be felt. The JDU, one of the NDA’s key supporters, has expressed strong views on the army recruitment strategy of Agniveer and the Uniform Civil Code. KC Tyagi, the JDU leader, stated that the Agniveer program should be reconsidered. Tyagi stated that, in addition, discussions on the Uniform Civil Code should take place with all states. According to JDU, the Agniveer program was met with strong opposition. He stated that the impact of its resistance was seen in the Lok Sabha elections this year.

KC Tyagi, spokesperson for the JDU, stated that the Agniveer program should be reconsidered. He said that there was opposition to the Agniveer project during the elections. The impact of this opposition was seen in the election results. Congress made Agniveer a major issue in the general elections. Congress had plainly said that once in power, they will abandon the Agniveer program. Simultaneously, the BJP’s seats declined in states where the Agniveer plan was most heavily utilized. In Haryana, the party’s seats dropped from ten to five. Furthermore, the party’s vote share plummeted from 58 percent to 46 percent. In Punjab, the BJP failed to win even a single seat. In Rajasthan, too, the BJP’s vote share dropped from 24 to 14.

Tyagi stated that our position on the Uniform Civil Code is clear even today. He stated that the UCC should be reviewed by all states. He stated that the perspectives of the states on the Uniform Civil Code must be understood. Tyagi stated that JDU supports one nation, one election.


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