Who is this Baba Saakar Hari, in whose satsang there was a stampede and so many people lost their lives?

Hathras: A one-day satsang of Saakar Hari Baba was going on in a field of Phulrai Mughalgarhi under Sikandrarao police station in Hathras district of UP. Women and men along with children were listening to Baba’s discourse there. The satsang ended at about quarter to two, and Baba’s followers started going towards the road outside.

It is being told that about 50 thousand followers were stopped by the sevadars where they were. The sevadars took Saakar Hari Baba’s convoy out from there. The followers stood there in the heat and humidity for that time. After Baba’s convoy left, as soon as the sevadars asked the followers to leave, there was a stampede.

At least more than 100 people died due to stampede in the satsang of Bhole Baba i.e. Narayan Saakar Hari. Most of the dead include women, elderly and children. More than 150 people have been injured in the stampede. The condition of most of them is said to be critical. Therefore, the death toll is expected to increase further. Meanwhile, some pictures of the Hathras incident have surfaced, which make the heart tremble.
The incident took place in Fullerai village. According to the initial information received by the police, people were leaving the hall after the satsang ended. There was a stampede in the race to leave first. People fell on each other. Most of the people died due to being crushed.

Who is Sant Bhole Baba?

According to a report, Sant Bhole Baba is originally from Patiyali village in Kanshiram Nagar (Kasganj). He told that earlier he had joined the Uttar Pradesh Police, but took VRS after 18 years of service. He told that he lives in a hut in his village and travels to Uttar Pradesh as well as nearby states and teaches people the lesson of devotion to God. Bhole Baba himself says that in his childhood he used to work in agriculture with his father. When he became young, he joined the police. He has been posted in a dozen police stations in the state as well as in the Intelligence Unit.

Eyewitness gave this information
Regarding this incident, an eyewitness said, “After the satsang, everyone was in a hurry to leave. The road was not wide. Suddenly we were pushed from behind and there was a stampede” Jyoti, an eyewitness of the Hathras stampede incident, said that many people are injured. We had gone to a satsang, the satsang was over and suddenly there was a stampede, the road was jammed, there was no place to go out.
She further said that we were passing through a field, there were many bikes parked there, I and Mummy were passing and suddenly there was a jostling, there was no place to keep feet and suddenly many people fell down. A woman who was with us died and Mummy was in this condition. The question was asked whether there was a stampede or we fell into the pit, to which Jyoti replied that there was no place to keep feet, people were pushing each other and bikes were parked below, we were standing at the same place, suddenly Mummy fell. She further said that this happened when people were passing by. Many people have been injured.


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