Prime Minister Narendra Modi today praised the promotion of vaccination on behalf of Sanjay Rana, who sells chole-bhature in Sector-29 of the city. Modi said in Mann Ki Baat that Chandigarh is a city of cheerful and heartfelt people. Chandigarh is an even better city for food lovers.
Modi said that for the betterment of the society, more service and sense of duty are needed than money. While praising Sanjay Rana, he said that the way he has shown service to promote vaccination is commendable. Modi said that Sanjay Rana feeds delicious chickpeas and bhatures to those people who come after getting the vaccination, who show the message of getting the vaccine.
Sanjay Rana is happy to hear his praise from the Prime Minister of the country in Mann Ki Baat. He said that he has been doing this work for the last 25 years and today he is happy that he is listening to his praise from the Prime Minister of the country by doing his small service. He said that he will now work to promote the vaccination in a better way.
Earlier, there was also praise from VP Singh Badnore, Administrator of Chandigarh and Governor of Punjab. The administrator had put a photo of Sanjay Rana in his tweet and said that Sanjay Rana is making the society aware of vaccination which is a good work.


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