It is true that the world is male dominating. It is purely a visible difference in paycheck of the most liberal occupation of our society i.e. Entertainment. There were only two actresses who were actually paid more than male co stars on regular basis. Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi for a definite period of 1990s and 1980s were respectively the highest or equally paid movie stars. But it was not because they were woman and both of them did a protest campaign against production houses, but it was because they were mastering their craft and became the best in the department. People do acknowledge your work if you do it in rightful manner.

Women in the past and the present?

It is also totally true that male do have created an environment in the past that actually is responsible for injustice to woman. It is a global problem, not associated with men in India alone. Religious leaders from all the religions (from the past and present) are the primary reasons for such an imbalance.

Sati Practice or Halala, Burka system or Parda system are initiated by these leaders, Vinci da Code explains how Christianity solely willing to enforce masculine domination. Hindusim does portray Goddess Adi Shakti onto the top and but it was not taught properly to the people. God is neither male nor female but still “Allah” is a masculine term. If we say “Upar Wala” then why not Upar Wali. If God is He, then God can be She too. Spiritually, God is neither he or she. Marriage is a man made practice, not a natural practice but love towards own genes is natural. Physical violence towards woman is prevalent in both the east and the west now. It was not present in the ancient India because at the time both boys and girls were trained in defense and physical games. On social media, many are found on many political groups and putting posts “Girls should wear short dresses or not”? Why they think that they are advisory board. They are the same people who think Swami Vivekanada as their inspiration and they for got that Swami said “In my country, people are judged by their character not by their clothes”. If wearing short dresses is wrong then why the hell boys are wearing short?

Women misusing their rights?

On the other side, few women are also misusing their legal rights, they are putting wrong allegations on man family, false rape cases. Dominating woman does not want to see other women growing. There having been increasing on the number of false rape cases. It is perfectly fine to give a swear punishment for the rapists and the one who is asking for dowry, instant divorcee criminals etc. but a law should be made to punish the girls who are misusing their legal rights. liberty and empowerment should be both ways. Many transgenders and homosexuals are facing problems from both straight men and women.

I am proud to have women like Mithali and Mary Kom, who created strong niche to have women in sports. It is true that we have done injustice with the girls like Mithali Raj, but It is also true that they have liberal fathers behind them.

To every successful man there is a mother, sister and a wife, but for every successful woman there is a father, brother and a Husband. So being a male, lets pledge to give our daughters what will make them to complete their goals.

After all, Daughters belong to fathers more than to mother.


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