Mumbai ATS arrested four Bangladeshi nationals with illegal documents

Maharashtra: The Maharashtra ATS has taken major action against Bangladeshi citizens living illegally in the country. The Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has arrested four Bangladeshi citizens for making Indian passports and voter ID cards using fake documents.

Officials said on Tuesday that based on secret information, Mumbai’s Juhu unit of the ATS has arrested Riyaz Hussain Sheikh (33), Sultan Sidhiau Sheikh (54), Ibrahim Shafiullah Sheikh (44) and Farooq Osmangani Sheikh (39). The arrested Bangladeshis were living illegally in different parts of Mumbai for a long time through fake documents. They also voted in the Lok Sabha elections last month.

According to ATS, the accused are natives of Bangladesh and were living illegally in different parts of Mumbai. An official said that the arrested Bangladeshi citizens had entered India illegally many years ago. An investigation revealed that the accused had also made Indian passports to prove themselves as Indian citizens.The accused used fake documents to obtain passports, claiming to be residents of Surat, Gujarat.

An official said that the ATS has identified five more Bangladeshis, and they are being searched. Like the arrested Bangladeshis, those five have also obtained passports in a similar way, and one of them has also gone to Saudi Arabia.

The ATS investigation also revealed that the accused also voted in the recent elections with the help of passports. Officials said that the accused got voter ID cards made by submitting fake citizenship documents and voted in the Lok Sabha elections. The official said that the arrested accused have been sent to police custody and are being questioned to find out if they were involved in any terrorist activities.


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