Kurukshetra: The city council has prepared a plan to transport the destitute cows from the city to the gaushalas and to catch the animals. Under this scheme, the city council had first issued tenders. Applications for these tenders can be made till August 3. Not only this, strict action will be taken against those who leave pets on the roads in the city and a fine of Rs 5100 has been made if caught for the first time and Rs 11,000 if caught for the second time.
The special thing is that MLA Subhash Sudha has announced to give an amount of Rs 2 lakh each to Mathana and Barna Gaushala for the care of the cow dynasty. MLA Subhash Sudha said that the number of destitute animals is increasing day by day in the city. During these days people leave their animals in the city. Last year also in the same season, the number of destitute animals had increased and due to the efforts of the city council, all the destitute animals were released to the cowsheds. This year also people are facing this problem. In view of this problem, the city council was ordered to issue tender.
After these orders, the NAP had issued the tender on July 27 with all the conditions. The applicant can file his application for this tender till August 3. After this tender, the concerned agency will start the work of transporting the destitute animals to the cowsheds and people will get relief.
Appeal to the people not to leave the cows on the streets:
MLA Subhash Sudha has appealed to the people not to leave their pet animals on the streets of the city like a destitute cow. People should cooperate with the administration to get rid of the destitute animals in this city. Together we can get rid of this problem.

NEWS BY: Deepanshi chugh.


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