Kedarnath, 15 April 2024: Online puja booking has started for the convenience of devotees. Fees have also been fixed for online worship.

Fees have been fixed for the daily morning and evening pujas and special pujas in both the Dhams.

A fee of Rs 4700 will have to be paid for Mahabhishek puja and Rs 4500 for Abhishek puja. This time Chardham Yatra is starting from 10th May. If any devotee wants to worship at Kedarnath and Badrinath Dham during the yatra, then for this, online booking will have to be done on the BKTC website at BKTC has started online booking for puja from Monday.

BKTC Chief Executive Officer Yogendra Singh said, online puja booking has started for the convenience of the devotees. The worship of Badrinath Dham mainly includes the Mahabhishek and Abhishek puja which takes place in the Brahma Muhurat of Badri Vishal, besides Veda recitation, Geeta recitation, Vishnu Sahasranamavali, evening gold aarti, silver aarti, sleeping aarti along with Geet Govind recitation. Whereas in Kedarnath Dham, online booking is done for Shodshopachar puja, Rudrabhishek and evening aarti.

Last year, 20 thousand devotees had made bookings in Kedarnath.

BKTC media in-charge Dr. Harish Gaur said, last year during Chardham Yatra, 19,700 devotees in Badrinath Dham and 20,000 devotees in Kedarnath Dham had made online booking for puja.
Here is the fee for puja
puja fee in rupees
Mahabhishek Pooja 4800
Abhishek Pooja 4500
Special Puja 12,000
Srimad Bhagwat text 51,000
Veda Path 2500
Geeta Path 2500
cooper aarti 201
silver arti 401
golden aarti 501
Vishnu Sahasranamavali 701


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