New Delhi, 25 April 2024: Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav stated during India TV’s election platform that PM Modi has implemented a new integrated development strategy throughout the past ten years. The lives of even the poorest of the impoverished have undergone significant change. Every area of the nation exhibits signs of progress.

As stated by Ashwini Vaishnav, the Modi government has built 31,000 kilometers of new railway track during the last ten years. The government is constructing 14.5 kilometers of new railway track every day. Apart from launching luxury trains, the government has also concentrated on non-AC trains for the general public. He claimed that when Lalu Yadav was Railway Minister, only announcements of new trains were made, but no work was ever done on the ground.

When asked about the first phase of elections, Ashwini Vaishnav replied, “The first phase of Lok Sabha elections has been very good for the BJP.” The manner in which our personnel worked in the initial phase instilled confidence in the people. The poorest of poor households have come to believe in Modi ji.During the Congress’ control, its Prime Minister (Rajiv Gandhi) had to remark that we transferred Rs. 100 from Delhi, but only Rs. 16 reached the ground. Modi Ji altered these conditions. Today, if we transfer Rs. 100 from Delhi, the entire amount arrives. There has been significant change in the lives of the impoverished.

Modi Ji is a very open-minded person who strives to get everyone along with him on any concept. Suggestions for developing India came from all around the country, and a comprehensive road plan was created as a result. Modi Ji takes people’s opinions extremely seriously. He works by listening to everyone’s points of view. He wants the country to think large.


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