The first ever inclusive film “Rabb Di Awaaz” is hitting hard to audience with a strong and impactful message.

Chandigarh – Conceptualized and Curated by Ojaswwee Sharma, the feature film “Rabb Di Awaaz” stands out as a blockbuster social film gaining massive worldwide viewership. Released on YouTube by Rolling Film Entertainment and helmed by National Film Award winner Ojaswwee Sharma, the film is a testament to cinematic excellence. Co-written by Sharma, alongside Abhinav Sharma and Shiv Kumar Sharma, who also star in the film, it promises a captivating narrative.

The story begins with Karan, an RJ at a leading radio station in Chandigarh Tricity, battling depression as the station’s ratings plummet. The much-anticipated “Rabb Di Awaaz” show exacerbates his woes, with his program suffering from the lowest ratings and a dearth of contestants for interviews. Once a renowned RJ in the Tricity area, Karan’s popularity has waned amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving him questioning if he can reclaim his former glory.

Rabb Di Awaaz
Starcast of Rabb Di Awaaz at World Wide Premier

The film transcends mere entertainment, emerging as a powerful social commentary with profound messages. Focused on individuals with Speciality, it elevates viewer engagement to new heights. All kudos to Ojaswwee’s vision and his perfectly executed screen play. Shiv’s impactful motivational lines, portraying a blind contestant, resonate deeply with audiences, anchoring the film’s themes in stark reality. The director’s skillful incorporation of comedy as a vital element keeps the audience spirited and engaged.

“Rabb Di Awaaz” has served as a launching pad for many actors, with Abhinav and Shiv shining at its core. Abhinav’s questions and Shiv’s answers epitomize the film’s essence, complemented by stellar performances from Mohit, Jagdeep Lamba as Jaggi, Humari Baat Editor Snehil Sharma as Mukesh.

Ultimately, “Rabb Di Awaaz” issues a compelling call for empowerment and equality, leaving an indelible mark on its audience. With its profound narrative and powerful performances, it deserves a solid rating of 4.5/5.

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