Abaki Baar Fir Modi Sarkar: Modi 3.0

New Delhi: Following the NDA conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with President Draupadi Murmu on Friday to submit his claim to form the government. Narendra Modi also handed over the MPs’ letters of support to the President. Following this, the President called NDA Parliamentary Party leader Narendra Modi to form the government. On June 9, Narendra Modi will take his third oath as Prime Minister.

After meeting with the President, Narendra Modi stated that the countrymen have directed the NDA administration to serve the country for the third time. I once again express my heartfelt gratitude to my people for providing this chance. I tell the countrymen that development work will be completed at a faster rate than the country’s progress over the last two terms. He stated that our government will work to achieve the country’s dreams. He stated that the country’s dreams and aspirations will be met in full.

Narendra Modi stated that the president has invited us to form a government. He has also asked us for a list of cabinet members who will be sworn in. We assured him that taking the oath on Sunday evening would be convenient for him. Rashtrapati Bhavan will work on the remaining elements before submitting the Council of Ministers list to the President. Following that, the swearing-in ceremony will occur.

He stated that the 18th Lok Sabha is a Lok Sabha with new vitality, youthful enthusiasm, and the will to accomplish something. This is the first election since the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. These are the 25 years that make up our Amrit period. For the third time, the people have given the NDA administration the chance to serve the country. I assure the people of the country that the rate at which the country has advanced in the last two years is commendable; transformation is visible in every sector, and the fact that 25 crore people have been lifted out of poverty is a proud moment for every Indian.


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