Saharanpur, 07 April 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi sounded the election bugle from Saharanpur on Saturday. PM Modi fiercely attacked the opposition. PM Modi started his address by reaching the stage with Ram-Ram. He said that the country’s name is ringing in the world.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this place of ours is the place of Maa Shakti, this is the place of worship of Maa Shakti and worship of Shakti in every corner of India is a part of our natural, spiritual journey. We are a country that never denies the worship of Shakti. But it is the misfortune of the country that the people of the opposition alliance are challenging that their fight is against Shakti. What has happened to all those who have tried to destroy Shakti, is recorded in history and Puranas.

PM Modi said that remember those days of 2014, at that time the country was going through a period of great crisis. I had guaranteed at that time that I will not let the country bow down, I will change every situation. I will turn despair into hope and hope into faith. You did not hold back in your blessings. Remember, then our India was the 11th largest power. Now Modi has made it the 5th largest power.
Today, India’s image has been made that of a developed country. The country is being praised all over the world. Addressing a huge public meeting in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi said that the 2024 election is not just an election to form a government, but this election is to build a developed India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today is the foundation day of BJP. In a very few decades, a record number of our countrymen have joined BJP. BJP has won the trust of the people, BJP has won the hearts of the people. The biggest reason for this is that BJP does not follow politics, but follows national policy. For BJP, nation comes first, this is not a slogan of BJP but our article of faith.

PM Modi said that making India a strong country is the commitment of BJP. That is, as is the intention of BJP, as is its loyalty, the policies are also made accordingly. That is why today every Indian is saying from experience – if the intention is right, then the results are right.

The Prime Minister said that BJP is reducing the problems of every citizen of the country. It is creating new opportunities for everyone. The wood carving of Saharanpur and the skills of the people here are famous far and wide. That is why whether it is Yogi ji or Modi, we are paying attention to you. That is why both of us say one thing again and again – Vocal for Local

Targeting opposition parties

PM Modi said that for all the years Congress was in power, it gave priority to earning commission. This opposition alliance is also for commission. Whereas NDA, Modi government is for mission. PM Modi said that a grand temple of Ramlala in Ayodhya has not been an election announcement but our mission. This year on Ramnavami, our Lord Ram will not appear in a tent but in a grand temple.
PM Modi said that now we are engaged in the mission of making India a developed nation. On the other hand, our opponents are desperate to get power. I am seeing the first such election in the country where the opposition is not claiming victory, but the opposition is contesting elections only so that BJP’s seats can be reduced from 370 and NDA’s seats can be reduced from 400.
PM Modi further said that the situation of SP is such that they have to change their candidates every hour. The situation of Congress is even more strange, Congress is not even getting candidates. Congress does not have the courage to field candidates even in those seats which it considered its stronghold. That is, the opposition alliance has become another name for instability and uncertainty. That is why the country is not taking any of their words seriously today.

‘Flop film of two boys released again in UP’

PM Modi said that you will remember, here in Uttar Pradesh, the film of two boys which had flopped last time, these people have released the film of those two boys again. I do not understand how many times these opposition alliance people will put this wooden pot on fire.

PM Modi said that the Congress which fought for independence has ended decades ago. The Congress that is left now, has neither policies in the interest of the country nor a vision for nation building. The kind of manifesto released by Congress yesterday proves that today’s Congress is completely disconnected from the hopes and aspirations of today’s India. The same thinking is reflected in the manifesto of Congress which was in the Muslim League during the freedom movement. The Congress manifesto is completely influenced by the Muslim League and whatever part of it is left, the leftists have completely dominated it. Congress is nowhere to be seen in it.

Help to farmers through PM Kisan Nidhi: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this region is also known for its agricultural products. For the last 10 years, our government has been continuously working for our farmer brothers. Our government is sensitive towards the small needs of the farmer. Today, small farmers in the country are being helped through PM Kisan Nidhi. Here in Saharanpur alone, Rs 860 crore has been sent directly to the accounts of more than 3 lakh farmers. PM Modi said that in many countries of the world, a sack of urea is available for Rs 3,000. Here, farmers get this sack of urea for less than Rs 300.

We are engaged in the mission of making India a developed nation’

PM Modi said that now we are engaged in the mission of making India a developed nation. On the other hand, our opponents are desperate to get power. I am witnessing the first such election in the country where the opposition is not claiming victory, but is contesting the election only to reduce the number of BJP seats to less than 370 and NDA seats to less than 400.


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