New Delhi, 07 April 2024: Union Minister Smriti Irani has fiercely attacked Congress and Rahul Gandhi in one of her rallies. Smriti Irani has made a sarcastic remark on the condition of Congress in Kerala. Targeting the Congress, Irani said, “The condition of the opposition is such that they are fighting in Wayanad and the Left party is saying why Rahul Gandhi does not go to UP and contest the elections, but when the same leftists go to Delhi for the INDI alliance meeting, they hug Rahul Gandhi.

Hugging in Delhi, Begging in Kerala’

Smriti Irani further said, “Yesterday, I said in Kerala, ‘Hugging in Delhi, Begging in Kerala.’ Now the situation that Congress is going through in Karnataka, it seems, ‘Hugging in Delhi, Begging in Kerala and Thugging in Karnataka’. Let us inform you that Union Minister Smriti Irani said these things during a rally in Karnataka on Friday.

Let us inform you that this taunt of Smriti Irani on Rahul Gandhi has come at a time when Congress has not yet decided its candidate from Amethi seat of Uttar Pradesh, let us tell you that before 2019 Amethi used to be the stronghold of the oldest party Congress.

Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi is contesting from Wayanad in Kerala, and in Kerala itself he is facing a challenge from CPI, a constituent of the INDI alliance. Let us tell you that the Communist Party has fielded its general secretary Annie Raja against Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad constituency of Kerala. On this issue, Union Minister Smriti Irani has targeted the INDI alliance and Congress.


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