Why people of India are indulging themselves in the activities that are putting them in evils of societies? Reason is our up bringing. Schools are driving force of a nation. It enables a kid to become an educated person. Parents are complaining for many issues that are in relevant with schools. Every parent wants to have best education platform for their kids. They always find issues that is really concerning.

Drawbacks in a Government Schools

Private schools are having good infrastructure and they provide good option of sports and co curricular activities, that a kid rarely have in government schools. But Private schools are expensive and many parents put their students in government schools. Government schools are now in development mode across nation. Only government schools in Chandigarh and other UTs are little providing good education. Still, they also need a lot of development. Though, state governments are trying hard to improve infrastructure in other states, still it is big challenge for them. Bad infrastructure, lesser attention towards children directs kids to face mall practices in schools. Students above 10 years are indulging themselves in smoking, taking drugs etc. Students are habitual to bunk their classes. No proper management is working to analyse and control such situations. Teachers also don’t take care of such things because they feel that any step to monitor them may take them to troubles.

Smoking in Govt Schools India

(Note: many students who are studying above 9th standard are making school gangs)

So students are either threatening teachers or they complain about teachers that they are scolding or hitting them for no reason. And we know hitting a kid is illegal. So teachers don’t want to put themselves in any legal pursuits. Also few teachers are also not respecting their professions as such many child abuse (physical or sexual) cases are increasing day by day. Not only this, unhygienic potable water, untidy toilets and bad education system is another common issue with government school. A class is having minimum 70 students and only having very less teaching staff. Government teachers in Bihar, Uttrakhand and UP are not qualified and do not posses enough knowledge. Parents forbids to put their kids in government schools.

Private Schools are having their own issues

No doubt, private schools are doing good in delivering education. Parents are feeling that their kids are the customers and the education is the product. Parents have undergone with issues like business in education, religious teaching enforcement and abuse cases. In most of the cases, parents who are sending kids to convent schools, have a big complaint that these schools are enforcing religion to the students. Partiality done by the management in favoring a kid of high profiled public figure is very common.

Abuse cases are increasing day by day that are common in both private and government schools. Some times a teacher, a senior, a non teaching staff, or a blue color worker is doing it. Parents are also complaining that they are over burdening their kids by extensive and non relevant home work. Corruption incidents are also very common. At the time of admissions, these schools have initiated things like donation, lottery system that actually are nutting parents head.

In a nutshell, Schools once were respected as temples of education, now been considered as a place where kids are getting education with knowledge of social evils and a conspiracy of mental harassment of kids and parents.


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