Rahul Gandhi may leave Wayanad seat

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, may quit Kerala’s Wayanad Lok Sabha seat to retain his Rae Bareli seat. According to sources, this was discussed during the Congress Working Committee meeting. A decision will be made on this by June 17. There was a pleasant tug-of-war among Congress Working Committee leaders over whether Rahul Gandhi should depart Rae Bareli or Wayanad. MP K. Suresh (Mavelikara, Kerala) stated that Rahul Gandhi is the MP from Wayanad for the second time, and the people of Wayanad want him to serve them. However, there was more emphasis on keeping the Rae Bareli seat.

Aradhana Mishra, a UP politician, insisted that Rahul Gandhi keep the Rae Bareli seat. She said that this is a traditional family seat that has been passed down for generations. Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi retaining the Rae Bareli seat is critical for the Congress’ political comeback in Uttar Pradesh, which has 80 seats. Sonia Gandhi handed over the command to Rahul Gandhi at an election campaign rally, telling the crowd, “I am giving you my son,” implying that Rahul Gandhi will carry on the family lineage. He will travel to Rae Bareli with Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka next week.

The people of Wayanad elected Rahul Gandhi to Parliament for the second time. Rahul Gandhi won the election from here with 364422 lakh votes. In 2019, Rahul won the Wayanad poll by more than 4 lakh votes. The people of Wayanad have always supported the Congress. Wayanad is considered one of Congress’s safest seats.

The Congress convened the party’s working committee on Saturday. The CWC, the Congress’ top decision-making body, met for an extended period of time at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi, where crucial deliberations about the Lok Sabha election results and future strategy took place. The conference was attended by several key party leaders, including Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

During the conference, there was a consensus demand that Rahul Gandhi be appointed as the opposition’s leader in the Lok Sabha. The Congress Working Committee has passed a resolution recommending Rahul Gandhi as the party’s leader in the Lok Sabha. After the motion for his name as Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha was passed, Rahul Gandhi asked the Congress Working Committee members for some time to consider it.


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