Elon Musk Congratulates Narendra Modi

Billionaire Elon Musk has congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his historic victory in the Lok Sabha elections, saying he is looking forward to the exciting work his firms will accomplish in India. Modi will take his oath as Prime Minister on June 9. This will be his third consecutive term as Prime Minister.

On Friday, Elon Musk said on the social networking platform ‘X’: “Congratulations to Narendra Modi on winning the world’s largest democratic elections! I am enthusiastic about the job my firms will be doing in India.” Prime Minister Modi responded, “Elon Musk, I appreciate your good wishes.” He stated that brilliant Indian youth, the country’s demographics, reliable laws, and stable democratic politics will all contribute to a favorable economic climate for all stakeholders. The CEO of electric vehicle company Tesla and microblogging platform X had already postponed his planned trip to India in April due to “heavy Tesla-related obligations.

“Musk planned to visit India on April 21 and 22. During this time, he was also set to meet Prime Minister Modi. However, he then told X that he was delighted to visit India later this year. Musk met Modi in June of last year during his tour to the United States. He had stated that he planned to visit India in 2024. He was confident that Tesla would soon enter the Indian market. His planned visit had fueled speculation that he might announce intentions to establish electric vehicle company Tesla and his telecom venture (satcom) Starlink in the country.


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