Six Wildlife conservationists

Life on earth is not centered around human beings only. Earth belongs to all species. Right from small ants to elephants, every creature has the right to live on Earth. Human Beings have overtly made Earth their own property. So Humans are trespassing forest lands, killing animals for selfish motives, and cutting trees. Many Animals are on verge of extinct. But still, there are human beings who have dedicated their entire life to saving wildlife. Let’s know a few of them.

Vivek Menon, A Pioneer Conservationist

Vivek Menon, A Pioneer Conservationist

Executive Director at Wildlife Trust of India, Vivek Menon is a pioneer citizen who selflessly indulged his life in conserving wildlife. He is an award-winning conservationist but all the awards fall short in front of his large humanitarian stature. He has authored many books including Field Guide to Mammals of India, Mammals of India, etc. He is associated with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). He has been a member of many committees including the Project Elephant Steering Committee, the National Wildlife Action Plan Committee, the CITES Advisory Committee, and the Governing Council of the Central Zoo Authority. He plays a vital role in the working of these committees.

Dr. Vidya Athreya – The Leopard Expert of India

Dr. Vidya Athreya - The Leopard Expert of India

Do you know the person who has batted the Human Leopard Conflict issue? Meet Dr. Vidya Athreya who is the Director and Head – Science and Conservation at WCS-India. A member of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Cat Specialist Group, She is known for formulating the National level Policy for settling Human Leopard conflict. She has worked tirelessly in researching to save large cat species outside the protected zones.

M D Madhusudan – The Crop protector of Nilgiris

M D Madhusudan - The Crop protector of Nilgiris

One person who discovered the Arunachal Macaque and raised the issues of Human-Wildlife conflicts is Mysore Doreswamy Madhusudan or M.D. Madhusudan. Apart from wildlife conservation, he voiced for natural vegetation as well, so He found that the global fall in coffee prices resulted in an increased demand for cow dung used as manure in coffee estates in several areas in the Nilgiris and Western Ghats resulting in a large-scale export of dung transforming it from a locally produced and locally consumed manure for village agriculture to a high-value organic fertilizer for commercial export to coffee plantations.

Suyash Keshari – Founded Wildlife OTT

Suyash Keshari - Founded Wildlife OTT

‘Safari with Suyash – TV’ is what the wildlife photography enthusiast has founded when gone extreme. Let you know about Suyash Keshari, a young wildlife conservationist, and photographer. He is one such person who actively used the Covid pandemic period as an opportunity to explore the divine wild. He explored the famous Bandhaw National Park and clicked many wildlife shots. He is very much active on Instagram, where you can see his magic. He started “Safari with Suyash – TV” the world’s first and one-of-a-kind wildlife OTT platform.

Subhash Nair – The professional wildlife photographer

Subhash Nair - The professional wildlife photographer

One of the popular professional wildlife photographers “Subhash Nair” is known for clicking best from nature, especially from the Indian subtropical region. Be it the Dhikala zone of Corbett national park or its Munar, Subhash’s determination and creativity are widespread. Just go to his Instagram portfolio at “@itsmesubhash” and see some magnificent clicks and reels.

Aarzoo Khurana – Ultra pro wildlife Vlogger

Aarzoo Khurana - Ultra pro wildlife Vlogger

The girl next door “Aarzoo Khurana” is in love with Nature, Wildlife, and Photography. She is a wildlife conservationist and a wildlife vlogger. She strives to various forests to capture the beauty in the elements of nature. Her clicks are a dance of light and shadows portraying some of the most engaging moments one might witness in the wild. The best about her photographs is that she gives a theme to her photos. It is like the photos are expressing a wild story.


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