New Delhi, 23 March 2024: Sukesh Chandrashekhar has written a letter to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Sukesh has written this letter from jail. He wrote this letter after Arvind Kejriwal got remand from ED. Sukesh has written a letter welcoming Kejriwal to Tihar Jail. Sukesh has written, Dear Brother, Welcome to Tihar. Sukesh has written that as always truth has won. This is an excellent example of the power of new India. To show that no one is above the law. My dear Arvind Kejriwal ji, first of all I look forward to welcoming you. Sukesh has described Kejriwal as the “boss” of Tihar Club. Along with this it is written that all your statements and drama of fanatic honesty have now come to an end.

Sukesh further sarcastically wrote that I am very fortunate that my birthday is three days later on 25th March. This day is a double celebration for me, because I consider your arrest as my best birthday gift. Kejriwal ji, you did not know that the truth cannot be hidden for long. Kejriwal ji, all your corruption is going to be exposed openly, at least 10 different scams that you have done as CM and looted the poor of Delhi, out of them 10 scams have been done by you, I am the culprit of 4 scams myself. Witness and have evidence and will not shop here. I will completely expose you and even make you a government witness against you in the 4 cases/scams you were afraid of. The Delhi Excise issue is just the beginning.

You are right about one thing, this is Ram Raj and you and your corruption and deeds have been punished by Lord Shri Ram himself. God is seeing everything, especially your ego and your lies and playing with people’s emotions, that is why you have come to ground zero. I know that Kejriwal ji, going to jail does not matter to you, because the jail is completely under your control and the jail officers are your puppets, but I will expose that too. I know you will take your final revenge against me. Kejriwal ji, you and all your colleagues called me a great thug, conman etc. My brother, now get your reality straight, what are you now?

One last thing is that you will contest the assembly elections from your Tihar Club, as promised. I will not disappoint you, I will contest against you from your own seat and prove my genuineness. After the assembly elections next year, you and all your corrupt associates and your so called Aam Aadmi Party will be finished and the people of our country will throw you out of their system forever, because most of the members of your cabinet will be in your club.


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