Uttarakhand, 23 March 2024: Over the years, there has been a lot of demand on forums for inclusion of Garhwali dialect/language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, but the lobbying in the Parliament was awaited.

The Garhwali dialect/language of Uttarakhand is awaiting inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution. Since independence, there has been a continuous demand on small and big platforms to give the folk dialect and language its due, but till date it has not been advocated in the Parliament. The litterateurs associated with the folk language have also demanded that the Garhwali dialect be given its due respect. While being the Union Minister, Satpal Maharaj has also advocated the Garhwali dialect.

Some experts related to folk literature believe that written literature in Garhwali language was created in the year 1750 while some believe it to be from Garhwal King Sudarshan Shah (1815-1856). Folk litterateurs Nand Kishore Hatwal, Ramakant Benjwal and Bina Benjwal say that the Garhwali dialect is rich in itself.

It is mandatory to include it in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.Founder of Kalash Sanstha, Om Prakash Semwal, folk poets Jagdamba Chamola and Upasana Semwal, who have been active in the field of folk literature for the last two decades, say that the work of literary creation in Garhwali is achieving new heights every day in all the districts of Garhwal including Rudraprayag. In such a situation, it is necessary that the issue of including Garhwali dialect in the Eighth Schedule should become an issue in the Lok Sabha elections.


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