Diesel high prices: The biggest disaster of the Modi Government

Modi Government is getting all the accolades, whether it is India’s position in the international scenario or is it motivating Indians to stand against the pandemic Coronavirus. Narender Modi has always taken very strong decisions. Many people have often blamed the government for taking not so good financial decisions like demonetizations or applying the GST. But at the time of the pandemic, the rising prices of petrol and diesel have bothered everyone. Many of the working class are not getting enough wages and salaries. On one hand, the rising price of petrol and diesel, will for sure increase the price of daily usable goods and on the other hand, people are angry as it will hamper the monthly budget.

Opposition Reaction over Rising prices of petrol and diesel

Opposition blaming Modi Government for rising Petrol and diesel prices
Opposition blaming Modi Government for rising Petrol and diesel prices

Many experts have detailed that this time the actual cost on which the government buys these essential fuels is much lesser than the MRP. People are blaming the Government is doing this to get the maximum margin. Actually the conditions are really bad because it is for the first time that the price of diesel has surpassed petrol. The opposition slammed government while addressing that during the Manmohan Singh government, many leaders from BJP had protested for the same issue, now why the government is silent over this issue. Many allies of BJP are justifying this by saying that Government is doing this to overcome the heavy expenses that the government has taken in recent past times during lockdown.

Humari Baat feels that the Economy is the baseline for the development of any nation. It is true that Modi 2.0 has taken very nice steps to preserve the harmony of the nation but one by one the disastrous decisions of the Finance Ministry are not at all worthwhile.


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