Due to the intense heat of the sun, the weather of Delhi is going to turn from Sunday. There is a possibility of rains with cloudy weather in the capital for the next two days. This will give relief to the people of Delhi from the scorching heat of the sun. It is expected to get relief from the heat even at night due to the decrease in the minimum temperature by the end of this week due to rain.According to the regional meteorological department, the maximum temperature of the capital on Saturday was four notches above the normal at 34.3 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the minimum temperature was 16.8 degrees Celsius as normal. In the last 24 hours, the air humidity level was 32 to 79 percent. Talking about different areas of Delhi, the sports complex area was the hottest with 35.8 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature here was also the highest at 22.5 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, maximum temperature was 34.4 in Pitampura, 33.7 in Pusa, 33.8 in Aya Nagar and 33.9 degree Celsius in Lodhi Road.According to the Meteorological Department, western disturbance is active these days. Its effect will be seen in the form of rains across Punjab, Haryana and Delhi including North India. There is a possibility of rain at these places for the next two days. This will reduce daytime temperature as well as night temperature. At the same time, the winds coming from North India will also provide relief from the heat. People will get relief from the heat this whole week due to the turn of the weather. Significantly, the Meteorological Department has also predicted more rains this time with more heat.


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