Rudrapur: Khatima Kotwali police arrested three car-borne smugglers with 1.758 grams of opium. The accused were coming from UP to sell opium in Khatima. Police recovered opium and sent all three to jail. Police has told the price of opium in lakhs of rupees.

On Tuesday, SP Crime Chandreshkhar R. Ghodke told reporters at the police office that on Monday night, the police was checking near Majgami Tirahe on Bijti Road in Majhola Chowki area. Meanwhile, a car started going back after seeing the police. On this, the police stopped the car and questioned Dharmendra Kumar Awasthi resident of village Sandakhas, Nigohi district Shahjahanpur, Pankaj Shukla resident of village Amma Buzurg, Banda district Shahjahanpur and Harish Kumar resident of village Bhindara, Newria district Pilibhit.

Police recovered 468 grams of opium from Dharmendra, 662 grams from Pankaj and 628 grams from Harish. He told that he was bringing opium from Shahjahanpur and had to deliver it to someone in Khatima.
SP Crime says that to whom the accused were coming to give opium and from whom they had brought it. It is being verified. Apart from this, the criminal history of the accused is also being investigated. Police seized the vehicle of the accused and arrested them under the Drug Act and produced them before the court from where they were sent to jail.(HB)


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