Uttrakhand:Uttarakhand’s first murder case, when girlfriend killed boyfriend by biting him with a snake

Haldwani: There has been a big disclosure in the death case of Ankit Chauhan of Haldwani. This is the first such murder case of Uttarakhand, when someone was killed after being bitten by a snake.

Haldwani Ankit Chauhan was murdered by snake
Disclosing the murder case, Nainital SSP Pankaj Bhatt said that a snake charmer has been arrested in the case. Apart from this, 4 people are absconding. In the post mortem report, snake bite was confirmed to Ankit. Since then, the ears of the police stood up. Generally, when a snake bites someone, it bites only one part of the body. Actually the theory is that after biting once the snake gets tired and has spewed all its poison. But the snake had bitten both Ankit Chauhan’s legs at the same place. Due to this, the needle of suspicion of the police turned towards murder. After this the police changed the angle of investigation.

Ankit chauhan murder case haldwani
The main accused in the Ankit murder case is Mahi alias Dolly. It is being told that Ankit had an illegal relationship with Mahi. She had extorted lakhs of rupees from Ankit. Now Mahi wanted to get rid of Ankit, so she took the help of a snake charmer. Ankit stayed at his house for 4 hours on the night of the incident. During this, Mahi called the snake charmer. Ankit was bitten by a snake, for which Ankit was suffering for some time. In such a situation, he was cut once again on the other side. After this Ankit died. After this, they fled leaving the dead body inside the car near Teen Pani. Snake charmer Ramesh Nath has been arrested by the police in the murder case. Four accused including Ankit’s girlfriend Dolly are absconding in the case. Police is searching for them.(HB)


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