Chandigarh, 2 May 2024
Chandigarh Congress Secretary Om Prakash Saini, who has been active in the Congress for almost 18 years, joined the BJP on Wednesday along with representatives of various employee organizations and more than 1000 workers.

This was the first time after BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon entered the election fray that such a large number of people joined the BJP together.

On this occasion, Chandigarh BJP president Jatinder Pal Malhotra and BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon welcomed everyone at the party office in Kamalam.

During the joining program, there was no space left in the BJP office and the entire office complex including the auditorium was packed. President Jatinder Pal Malhotra said the first task of the BJP government is to reach out to the poorest of the poor and raise their standard of living. Modi ji has completed most of the promises that he had made during his 10-year tenure.

Commenting on Congress, BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon said Congress candidate Manish Tiwari is very free even after entering the election field and is spending most of his time on social media. He said that Tiwari recently challenged him to debate on an open forum, the media is also asking him questions about it. My only answer to Tiwari is that I am ready, but what to do, I do not have time, every day 20 to 25 programs are conducted among the public, some of them have to be rescheduled.

He said our slogan is, we will cross 400 seats mark, but Tewari ji and his leaders should tell us which 50 seats they are going to win, even their 50 seats are not confirmed, Tewari ji himself is in Chandigarh. There is sleepless nights, because every day old Congressmen are leaving the party and joining the BJP.

He further said that now our Congress friends have started asking us at night which Congress leader will join the BJP in the morning. Tandon promised on this occasion that the work which was not done in Chandigarh in fifty years, will be done in five years.

He said the Congress is spreading propaganda by sending videos that if Modi government comes in future, the reservation system will be stopped, whereas the Prime Minister has said that as long as Modi is alive, I will not let the reservation system be affected.

Saini, who left Congress and joined BJP, said today is Labour Day and I am holding hands of BJP only by talking about the rights of workers.

He said that the sanitation workers wake up in the morning and beautify the entire city, I have joined BJP to secure their rights, because today we have a goal, to make Tandon victorious. I also appeal to all my colleagues. They should make Tandon victorious. He said there is a lot of turmoil going on in the Congress at present, I have given 18 years there, but if Tewariji does not recognize me, then what will happen to the common worker.

He said now we will not become a pegged buffalo and it is time for change, that has to be done. I will live up to the test of the BJP and Tandon ji has to live up to the test of the public. On this occasion, BJP State Vice President Devinder Singh Babla, State General Secretary Hukam Chand, Amit Jindal, Corporation Councilor Saurabh Joshi, BJP SC Morcha State President Amit Kherwal were present. BJP leader Ranjita Mehta was present.

All these leaders included Congress leader Jyoti Hans who joined BJP, SC Morcha Vice President Vinod Lahauri, Sunil Saini, Sanjeev Parcha, Mussar Ahmed, SCST Cell’s Ram Kumar, Mahila Morcha Congress District President Kamala Devi, Safai Karmachari Union Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Krishna. Kumar Chaddha, Ram Asare Yadav of Yadav Mahasangh Chandigarh, BD Yadav, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Advisor Salim Khan, Mohammad Salim Khan, Prem Thakur, Dharambir Rana, Jasbir Tank, Surendra Kagda, Vinod Chattha, former SC Morcha President Krishna Kumar etc. welcomed.


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