Jallikattu a bull tamed sport is very prominent in south India. A 19 year old man was gored to death on Monday by a bull during Jallikattu event at Palamedu in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. As per the sources 25 people were injured and 6 of them were sent to the Government Hospital. Yesterday 79 people were injured on the first day of Jallikattu in Avaniyapuram a place in Madurai.
Last year there were massive protest to pass an ordinance on Jallikattu. This time, the Animal welfare board of India urged the state government to comply with the new rules and regulations while conducting Jallikattu. The board also added that its aim is not to hurt the cultural sentiments but to prevent cruelty to animals.
The huge celebration is carried during the event. According to the Madurai District administration, which overlooks the event, has claimed that is all geared up to welcome thousands of people who will take part in the three days event. As, per the district administration, 50,000 to 1 lakh spectators are expected to witness the event.
An animal who is trained to be aggressive and uncontrolled by a human grip. This is not cruelty that we are training them to become deadly? If humans are getting injured we can provide facilities to them.But, What about these animals, if they can’t speak that doesn’t mean they do not get injured or harmed. Can’t we see that these too are getting equally harmed as us. But, It’s all humanity, which is getting lost somewhere beneath the heaps of money.


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