What you will do when your dreams are snatched by the class, cast, greed, hatred and politics? Here is the story about a Bareilly boy who fights all alone with these social enemies. Anurag Kashyap’s one more classic story which is a combination of socio political illness and the corruption in the sports. An aspiring boxer Shravan who passionately work for boxing and learn under the guidance of Bhagwan Das (Jimmy Shergill) a gangster who made the life of Shravan more miserable. When Shravan falls in love with his mute beautiful cousin Sunaina. But, the insecurities because of cast raised a war and thus the fight begins. Their creates more obstacles that made his life hell.
Shravan attacking the system and hypocrisies of the society. He is angry, helpless but still don’t want to bow down. A gritty young man who thinks himself Uttar Pradesh’s Mike Tyson. Mukkabaaz keeps getting darker and darker in his life. It’s to tell the people about the sports and the support that should be required to raise it. In India Player’s don’t understand the meaning of the real sport. For them , winning the state or National level championship is about getting a government job. They never aspire to win medals. Kashyap brings all these altogether in the open and makes a strong comment.
After the huge appreciation of the gangster based Gangs of Wasseypur this time the story revolves around the one protagonist whose antagonist is very strong and a hypocrite. The choice of Vineet as Shravan is really defining the character in the rings. Not, only in term of looks but even all perspective he is up to the level. Jimmy Shergill who is meant to create all the mishaps in the life of Shravan will really make the audience to hate him. Doe eyed Sunaina who will communicate with the signs is looking lovely too. The narration used to describe her thoughts done well to build a link between the story. Ravi Kishan is an attention seeker who will catch your attention in the movie will change the life of Shravan.
Audience will fall with him, will got the hit, will cry too but never leave the Shravan alone. The cinema will cherish the performance for many years. This movie is going to be a lifetime success for the debutant. The songs, dialogues and the screenplay is awesome. A story of middle class boy and the the amount he pays in return of his dreams. Movie is worth watching. It is a full package of love, romance, action, drama, suspense, thrill, comedy and lot more.

Humaribaat Mukabaaz review – 4.5 stars


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