Chandigarh, April 12 2024
Maloya village today came alive as women performed Boliyan and Giddha on the beats of dhol to welcome the announcement of Sanjay Tandon as the BJP candidate for the Lok Sabha elections from the Chandigarh seat.

They celebrated Baisakhi in a different way hailing the BJP. People in the village gathered to watch their performance.

“Bari barsi khattan giya ci, khat ke ki liyanda? Khat ke liyanda London, abki baar toh jitne Sanjay Tandon.” This was one of the Boliyans performed for the party candidate.

They also performed Boliyans on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Bari barsi khattan giya ci, khat ke ki liyanda? Khat ke liyanda janda, Modji da fer toh jitana banda.”

Women performed Boliyan on Chandigarh BJP President Jatinder Pal Malhotra too. “Bari barsi khattan giya ci, khat ke ki liyanda? Khat ke liyandi shawl, sadde valo happy Baisakhi to Jatinder Pal.”

Women said they yesterday decided to do something unique to celebrate the occasion. We sat together and churned out Boliyans and perfomred today, they shared. Around 50-60 women celebrated on the occasion.

Mamata, who was performing, said, “Not only we are celebrating Baisakhi, but are also celebrating the announcement regarding Tandonji as candidate. We are happy that a local leader, who is known in the entire city has been chosen by the BJP.”

Radha, another performer, said, “There is huge enthusiasm among people for the BJP. Tandonji is going to win with record margin from the city. Under PM Narendra Modi, the country has achieved new heights and it will impact the elections here.”


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