New Delhi, 12 April 2024: Misa Bharti’s statement has created a stir in Bihar politics. Misa Bharti had said that if the Indi alliance government is formed, then all the leaders of BJP including the PM will be in jail. BJP is strongly hitting back at Misa Bharti and her party RJD. Now, Misa Bharti has given clarification about her statement. Misa Bharti said that no one heard the full statement that I gave, I had said about the Prime Minister that whatever comment the Supreme Court has made on the electoral bond, we will get it investigated when we come, whoever is found guilty will be punished.

Misa further said that the BJP people are getting the CBI, ED to raid the opposition and send them to jail, what issue does the PM have, is he talking about unemployment or inflation? The media is setting the agenda of the BJP by twisting my statement. This will not work in front of the people of the country. I had said on electoral bonds that the Supreme Court has commented that it is unconstitutional. If our government comes to power, we will get it investigated and those found guilty will go to jail.

Further Misa said that will the media set the agenda? Why was my entire statement not shown? The allegations that the Supreme Court has made against the Prime Minister and the BJP leaders should be investigated and they will definitely be investigated. Tell me who is left? People from Delhi, Jharkhand, everyone is in jail.


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