Shocking news has come out from the village Darwa situated near the railway station in Chandigarh. An attempt was made to get the bodies buried in the cemetery built here from JCB. But by the time the accused was successful in his motive, the people of Muslim community reached the spot and got the machine stopped. Also, the matter was reported to the police control room.
As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot, while cutting the DDR in the case, took JCB into custody. Police say that the matter is being continuously investigated. In fact, Punjab Haryana High Court has issued an order to remove illegal construction from Sakhi Server Sultan Lakhdata Mazar and Cemetery in Darwa of Industrial Area.

Despite this, some people tried to take out the dead bodies from the grave with the help of JCB, so that the evidence of the graveyard on the ground could be erased. On June 30, 2021, the High Court had issued orders to protect the tomb and graveyard and remove illegal constructions and also asked to provide security to the complainant Abdul Razak.
Apart from this, the investigating officer had ordered the DSP to keep an eye on the case. At the same time, Abdul Razak told that he has won the case of dargah and graveyard land from the lower court to the high court. They have all the proofs, but some people like Aman Bajaj, Gurpreet Singh, Happy Singh, Anand Singla and Mehboob want to occupy their land.


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