Chandigarh, May 5 2024
Under the leadership of BJP president Jatinder Pal Malhotra and BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon, thousands of people participated in the road show from Mauli Jagra to Vikas Nagar in support of the BJP on Sunday.

During this time, the road show was welcomed at various places with beats of drums and showering of flowers. The road show was organised in the ward of BJP leader and Municipal Corporation Councillor Manoj Sonkar.

President Jatinder Pal Malhotra said in the governments before Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there was a very slow pace of development. But along with accelerating the pace of development, Narendra Modi also strengthened India at the international level.

He said other powerful countries did not take India’s words seriously and today the world listens carefully to India’s words. At the same time, by stopping corruption during the last ten years of BJP’s tenure, India has become the fifth largest economy in the world.

Malhotra said despite enjoying power in the country for a long time, the Congress kept giving slogans of ending poverty in its speeches, but did not take concrete initiatives to end poverty and strengthen the country’s economy.

Due to the policies of the present Prime Minister, NITI Aayog and International Monetary Fund have acknowledged that 25 crore people in the country have come above the poverty line and in the next 10 years, poverty will be completely eliminated in the country and India will become a superpower of the world.

On this occasion, Malhotra appealed to the people to make an important contribution in fulfilling the goal set by Prime Minister Modi of making the country a superpower by making BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon victorious.

He said this is an opportunity to teach a lesson to those people who, after winning the last elections from different areas, cheated the innocent people of their old parliamentary constituencies, and have now come to Chandigarh with the desire of winning from the third place.

BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon said under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has become corruption free and powerful corrupt people are in jail. Previous governments used to claim to end corruption only in speeches, whereas Prime Minister Modi has made a historic change by ending it.

Today, the people of the country have confidence in the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the result of Modi’s policies that the people of the country are giving slogans to make BJP victorious on more than 400 seats. He said when the public has decided this then no one can stop the BJP from crossing 400 seats mark and certainly not a political party with weak leadership like the Congress.

Tandon said in the road show that this is an opportunity to teach a lesson to the Congress leader whom the people of two Lok Sabha constituencies of Punjab gave full love to send to the Parliament, but who left them to God and camped at the third place with the hope of becoming an MP in Chandigarh.

He said the Congress wants to capture the power at the Centre by confusing the people and for this it has created a family of Bhanumati by joining various parties like its own.

What is the existence of this alliance in the eyes of the people, it will be known on June 4. Tandon appealed to the people of Chandigarh he will not forget the kind of support and cooperation he is getting during the election campaign throughout his life and he has only one resolution that in the next five years, the work which was not done in the last 50 years will be done in Chandigarh.
We will do it in the next five years.

On this occasion, Vice President Shakti Prakash Devshali, Municipal Corporation Councilor Manoj Sonkar, State Secretary Shashi Shankar Tiwari, Subhash Maurya, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, District President Bhupendra Saini, Mandal President Ram Chaudhary and other BJP officials and a large number of supporters were present.


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