Chandigarh, May 4 2024
In another boost to the BJP’s ongoing campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, more than 500 people from Maloya and Sector 56 today joined the BJP in the party office, Sector 33.

Most of these people are associated with the Congress and other political parties, and are influenced by the guarantees of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They took membership of the BJP.

On their joining BJP President Jatinder Pal Malhotra, State General Secretary Hukam Chand, Amit Jindal and State Spokesperson Gurpreet Singh Dhillon welcomed them.

On this occasion, BJP SP Morcha State President Amit Khairwal and General Secretary Sanjay Tank were present.

BJP President said today the mood of the country is in favour of the BJP and for the third time the party will come to power by winning huge votes and winning more than 400 seats.

He said the people of India also saw the era 10 years ago when corruption, terrorism and crimes were rampant. Ten years ago, there were only scams in the name of schemes for the progress of the country, but after the BJP government came in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi overcame this situation and in the last 10 years, various schemes brought about a revolution of development in India.

He said today the country is progressing in every field. India has created history in the fields of sports, education, industry, foreign policy and new education policy along with security and health.

In a country where ten years ago, scams were happening everywhere, after 2014, during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the direction of the country changed. India has raised the flag of its prestige in other countries also.

BJP President appealed to hundreds of people who joined the BJP on Saturday to work with full will power to make BJP victorious, so that BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon wins Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat with more than 60 percent votes and enters Parliament.

On this occasion, Vishal Tank and Vikas Tank, Rishiraj and Krishna Kumar Sunny Rana etc. were present.


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