Zirakpur, 13 April 2024
Administration did not listen even after complaining, now Sharma will go to High Court..

Illegal mining is taking place extensively in Punjab under the patronage of the government that came to power in the name of change. Only the mining vehicles have changed. Earlier these vehicles used to run under the patronage of Congress, now these vehicles are doing illegal mining under the supervision of Punjab Government and Halka MLA. This is what former Derabassi MLA N.K. Sharma has to say.

On being informed by the area residents, NK Sharma reached Peermuchalla this morning where illegal mining was being done by many vehicles and Poklane machines. When Sharma reached the spot, many vehicles and Poklane machines disappeared from there. A truck number PB-11/08895 was parked there but the driver fled from the spot.

Former MLA NK Sharma and his team saw that soil had been lifted from many places on the spot and there were deep pits. People nearby told their problem to the former MLA and said that Poklane machines come here at night and mining starts.
These machines leave early in the morning and from here trucks carry on transportation throughout the day. According to the residents of the area, the staff of Mining Department, Police, Forest Department and Municipal Council are jointly carrying out this action.

N.K. Sharma told while talking to the journalists that earlier during the rule of Congress, mining took place extensively in Derabassi and Zirakpur areas, now under the rule of Aam Aadmi Party government, mining took place indiscriminately in villages like Peermuchalla of Zirakpur, Sundhara of Derabassi, Bijanpur, Bhagwasi etc. Mining is going on.

If anything has changed during the tenure of the government that came to power in the name of change, it is the mining vehicles. Earlier, Congress’ light in-charge Deependra Dhillon got the mining done during the lockdown, now mining is being done under the patronage of CM Bhagwant Mann and Dera Bassi MLA.

Sharma said that Peermuchalla has a population of about 1.5 lakh. Due to illegal mining, there have been twenty-feet deep pits around here. The rain poses a danger to the people living in the societies of this area.

Sharma said that the Forest Department, Mining Department and Police are directly responsible for this. AAP government is using money from illegal mining in elections. If a common man fills a street vendor with soil, action is taken against him. Here, hundreds of trucks are leaving every day filled with soil from illegal mining. Police is not taking any action even after complaining.
Sharma said that a case is already going on in the High Court on this issue. He will submit photos and videos of today’s action to the High Court. A petition will be filed in the High Court for investigation of this matter by CBI and ED. Councilor Jagdev Singh was also present there.


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