Derabassi: 26 April 2024
Brother of Akali Dal candidate NK Sharma held Chaupal discussion
Preneet Kaur could not bring any project from the center in the villages of Derabassi.

Now discussions have started taking place even in the village chaupalas about the party candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections. The villagers have decided to oppose the defection of the candidates who are contesting the elections again and support Jampal of their constituency.
Dharminder Sharma, brother of Shiromani Akali Dal candidate NK Sharma from Patiala Lok Sabha constituency, visited villages like Mukandpur, Khedi Gujjaran, Bijanpur etc. and sat in the chaupalas here and held election discussions with the villagers.

Village residents former Sarpanch Desraj, Shivram, Jasmer Singh, Panch Barkha Ram, Ram Karan, Karmapal, Dayal Ram, Hoshiar Singh, Deep Singh, Sanju Kumar, Prakash Chand etc. said that in the villages of the area, the current Congress MP and now BJP candidate ,There is a lot of anger towards parneet Kaur.
She never came to these villages after winning the elections. Preneet Kaur first handed over this Halka to Deependra Dhillon, then nowadays SMS Sandhu is doing politics in her name. Villagers said that no project has come from the Center in their area.

Dharamveer Gandhi, who was an MP from Aam Aadmi Party before Preneet Kaur, is now contesting on Congress ticket. Gandhi never visited this area in the last ten years. The people present in the chaupalas said that they are completely with the Jampal of the area and the influencers will be taught a lesson in this election.

Speaking on the occasion, NK Sharma’s brother Dharminder Sharma said that the Akali Dal candidate has always done politics of principles. Derabassi Halka is his own home. He said that before casting the vote, look at the work, character, loyalty to the party and accountability towards the public of the candidates and then select the candidate for the Lok Sabha.


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