Political speculation has intensified amid speculations of the Yogi government’s cabinet expansion in UP. The expansion of the cabinet is believed to be almost fixed. Actually the post is vacant after the death of three ministers. Not only this, there is a discussion that some new faces can be added to the cabinet. Let us tell you that there are currently 53 ministers in the Yogi cabinet. It has 23 cabinet ministers, 9 ministers of state independent charge and 21 ministers of state.

According to the information, the number of ministers in the Yogi cabinet can be 60. In such a situation, it will be seen that in view of the upcoming election summer, will the number of ministers be increased? Or someone will be given responsibility only on vacant posts. However, discussions are intensifying in the political corridors. But what is the reality, it will be known only after the curtain rises.

The post is vacant after the death of three Yogi government ministers from Covid-19. Home Guard Minister and former cricketer Chetan Chauhan passed away. Chetan Chauhan died due to cardiac arrest. Chetan Chauhan was also infected with Covid-19.At the same time, Cabinet Minister and MLA from Ghatampur, Kanpur, Kamal Rani Varun also died due to Covid-19 . He was admitted to Lucknow PGI after coming to Covid-19 positive on 18 July 2020. The second wave of Corona virus epidemic also snatched Minister Vijay Kashyap. In such a situation, three posts are vacant for which someone has to get responsibility.

There was speculation about the extension of the Yogi cabinet for several days that a meeting with the Sangh took place on Sunday. After this the Union Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosbole reached Lucknow. It is being told that Lucknow has been the center. Hosbole will call on the people of the union. However, ever since IAS AK Sharma has been made MLC in UP, there is also a discussion that he too can get a place in the Yogi cabinet. The way in which AK Sharma was active in Purvanchal during this covid-19 situation, there were speculations about him becoming a minister.


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