Chandigarh, April 14 2024
Hundreds of youth including Sunny Shah and Tushar Shah joined BJP, welcomed by Tandon and State President

BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon today said if youth power is with any organisation then its success is certain. This is the strength of the world’s largest political party, Bharatiya Janata Party.

Tandon was addressing hundreds of youth, who had come to join the BJP under the leadership of Sunny Shah and Tushar Shah at the BJP office in Sector 33 on Sunday evening.

On this occasion, Tandon, BJP President Jitender Pal Malhotra, General Secretary Hukam Singh and Amit Jindal welcomed the youth by tying a BJP scarf around their neck as a mark of respect and congratulated them on becoming members of the BJP family.

Addressing the youth power here, Tandon encouraged the members, who have joined the BJP family and appealed to them to contribute to the nation.

He said the youth of the country today understands the importance of the changes that have taken place during the 10 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure.

At the same time, he appealed to explain this to colleagues and contacts that after the opportunity to vote on June 1, the next opportunity will be available only after five years, hence no mistake in choosing the candidate should be made.

He said if the people of Chandigarh take the right decision, they will get more benefits in the next five years and if the button is pressed at the wrong place then there will be trouble, because this election is about giving the next opportunity to an honest government and giving the keys to power to the corrupt. He made a special appeal to the youth to donate their labor to make BJP victorious by June 1 and after that, they will never lag behind in serving for five years.

BJP President Jitender Pal Malhotra said the BJP is a nationalist political party. During the last ten years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure, he worked 18-18 hours day and night for the country and contributed in making India advanced and leading in every field.

Today India has a National Highways from Delhi to Mumbai, It was once heard that such a road exists in a country like super power America. World’s largest tunnel (Atal Tunnel) in India, world’s largest stadium Mandapam Delhi, India is second in mobile production, once in the world only less than 10 percent was produced in India.

Today, India has become number one or is at the leading position in the world in many matters ranging from the tallest statue in the world, the number of millionaires in the country has increased. India has moved from tenth place to fifth place in the economy. While doing all this work, Modi government was not accused of corruption like the Congress, said Malhotra.

In the last 26 years, Modi has been either CM or PM, but unlike the Congress, he has never been accused of corruption. He called Congress a thug party, which has given such a candidate to Chandigarh, who first won Ludhiana, then Anandpur Sahib and now Chandigarh.

In Chandigarh, it has been fielded in front of an honest, hardworking and loyal worker of BJP. At the time of elections, he appealed to the youth to vote keeping in mind the qualifications of both the candidates, he added.

A large number of youth including Karan Rana, Anil Kumar Rawat, Gurtej Shah, Ashu, Prince Rana, Jasbir Mann and others arrived.


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