Sikar, 14 April 2024: Seven people died in a tragic accident in Sikar district of Rajasthan on Sunday. Actually, there was a fierce collision between a high-speed car and a truck here. A total of seven people, including three women and two children, were burnt alive in this accident. Police has given information about this. Police officials say that the accident happened near Arshiwad culvert. The people in the car died due to fire in the car. There were a total of seven people in the car. He told that the dead include three women, two children and two men.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (Fatehpur Circle) Rampratap Bishnoi, while giving information about the accident, said that seven people in the car were going from Salasar Balaji temple to Hisar. Meanwhile, on the way, near Arshiwad culvert of Fatehpur Kotwali police station area, the car hit the truck from behind. The car caught fire after colliding with the truck. He told that the people in the car were residents of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

The officer said that due to the fire, the doors of the car could not be opened. Due to this, all the people got stuck inside the car. Due to not being able to get out, three women, two children and two men in the car died by burning alive.


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