Lord Shankara

Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped Hindu Deities. He is one of the three main gods, often known as Trinity (Trimurti or Trideva in Hindi). Shiva as Mahesha is the destroyer, while Vishnu and Brahma are the sustainer and the generator respectively. In this post, Lord Shiva will be explained in detail. Generally, Shiva means “Auspicious one”. But it is not complete meaning. Shiva is the combination of three beej words “Sh”, “I” and “V”. “Sh” means Shunyata or Sthirta while “I” represents Pure Consciousness (Param Chetna), and “V” means expansion. So Shiv means the one who comprises divine constant and divine consciousness (Dynamic Essence). The Dynamic Essence or Pure Consciousness is “Adi Parashakti“. So a tattva, who is bringing change but even keeps the Shoonyata / peace /divine constant is called Shiva Tatva or Sada Shiva (As mentioned in Shiva Purana). Sada Shiva represents himself through his two major forms called Rudra and Mahesh. Maheshwar appeared from Lord Vishnu’s left side in Vishnu Purana while Rudra appeared from the forehead of Brahma as per Devi Bhagwatam. SadaShiva is revealed as Mahakaala or Kameshwara (Great Time) for many creations. Kameshwara along with Adi Parashakti is governing many creations.

Lord Shiva as Mahesha

The Difference in Roles of Rudra and Mahesha

Adi Parashakti as Devi Lalitambika is bringing change to the universe. She is bringing the change through five dimensions. The Five dimensions are Panch Parmeshwar. The Panch Parmeshwar are Lord Brahma (Positioning Dimension), Lord Vishnu (preserver), Kameshwara or Mahakala (Time), Rudra (current), and Mahesha (Temperature).

Rudra or Shankara who appeared from Brahma’s forehead is the current that brings life. The current keeps evolution and a being alive. The Current controls various storms of both evolution and life. That is why Vedas mention Rudra as the god of Storms. His Consort is Devi Rudrani or Mahamaya. Devi Mahamaya is the Divine Resistance which when combined with Current brings voltage or Goddess Jyoti or Life.

Now let’s talk about Maheswara. Lord Mahesha is one of the trinity and is also known as Lord Shiva. His Consort is Goddess Durga or Yog Maya, one of the five main forms of Prakriti. Budhi or Divine Intelligence is the universal combustion or Jwala. When the combusting process stops automatically temperature goes down which ends creation and life as well. So Maheshwar is the destroyer. Mahesha (temperature) Appeared from Mass Entity because the rise of temperature depends upon the mass. That is Why Sadashiva of Shiva Purana appeared as Shiva or Mahesha from Lord Vishnu of Vishnu Purana. Brahma was creating and his creation was dissolving immediately so he became angry so from his forehead Rudra (Current) Appeared to bring Voltage. So from Rudra’s left side comes Rudrani or Resistance showing current’s (Rudra) fusion with resistance (Rudrani). Their fusion brought universal Voltage. But who appeared from the huge pillar as mentioned in Shiva Purana? Lord Rudra due to meditation acquired the state of Sadashiva and Mahesha into him and further became the mediator to solve the quarrel between Brahma (Position or Region) and Vishnu (Mass Field).

Ten Forms of Lord Sada Shiva, The Almighty

Lord Sada Shiva is expressed in his ten forms which counterparts Dasam Mahavidyas.

  • Lord Mahakala (Time) with Kali (Power) Mahavidya
  • Lord Akshobhya Bhairava (Current) with Tara (Resistance) Mahavidya
  • Lord Panchavaktra or Panchmukhi Lord Shiva (Emotions) with Tripur Sundari (Supreme Intelligence) (Sri Mahavidya)
  • Lord Bhuvenashwara (Param Atman) with Bhuvneshwari (Atmashakti) Mahavidya
  • Lord Tripura Bhairava (Awakening) with Bhairavi (Kundalini) Mahashakti
  • Lord Kabandha Bhairava (Liberation) with Chhinamastika (Intensity) Mahavidya
  • Lord Matanga Bhairav (Wavelength) with Matangi (Frequency) Mahavidya
  • Lord Dhumavan (Vaccum or Shava) with Dhumavati (Dark Energy) Vidya
  • Lord Kamal Bhairav (Data Preserver) with Kamala (Light) Vidya

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