A very serious case has come to light from Mangaluru, Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. In fact, three Muslim youths together put objectionable things in the donation box of the Korgaja temple here. On the death of one of these friends, the other two friends got scared and confessed their crime in front of the temple priest. At the same time, the priest later handed over both friends to the police.
These youths who have done dirty acts in the Korgaja temple have been identified as Abdul Rahim and Tawfiq. Both are residents of Jokate. Both these accused along with another friend Nawaz had put objectionable things in the temple donation box. After this, Nawaz’s sudden health started deteriorating. He started vomiting blood and died a few days later.
Confession crime to avoid the wrath of God
Rahim and Tawfiq were frightened by these developments. He was afraid of the curse of God and in the fear of evil, he decided to repent. Both the accused confessed their crime out of fear of curse and punishment of God and surrendered to face the punishment. Now both these friends are serving jail terms. When Nawaz’s condition started deteriorating, Rahim and Tawfiq started thinking of it as the wrath of God. Both of them did not want the wrath of God on them too. At the same time, Nawaz advised him before death that he should confess his crime to avoid the wrath of God. After this, the two immediately approached the temple priest and confessed their crime.


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