As the investigation by the Central Investigation Agency (NIA) in the Antilia case progresses, new revelations are being made one after the other. Actually, during the investigation in this case, another disclosure has been made before the NIA. According to sources, the suspended assistant police inspector of the arrested Mumbai police, Sachin Waje, was allegedly running a ransom racket in a five-star hotel room at Nariman Point. This room was booked by a merchant of Zaveri Bazaar for 100 days, for which 12 lakh was paid.
According to the information, the NIA on Friday seized a white Mercedes as part of the investigation in connection with the Antilia case.

Booked for accommodation by giving fake Aadhar card
The NIA found out during the investigation that a Mumbai travel agent had booked a room on the 19th floor of a five-star hotel at the behest of a gold trader. This room was booked for Sachin Waje. Investigation revealed that fake Aadhaar card was given as the identity card of Waje for booking room number 1964 in the hotel. Waje’s name was written in it Sushant Sadashiv Khamkar. According to the information, the NIA has also found several other evidence related to the Antilia case from the hotel. These include CCTV footage, booking records and staff statements.


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