Snehil Sharma is a young mythologist, who has spent almost 7 years in making a research “Indian Mythology is Physics”. He claims that the stories are real but they don’t have miracles in it but the technology, few of which are not known till date. He has related and studies Upanishads from “Rig Veda”, Atharva Veda” and many Puranas.

In a research, he is able to use both physics derivations and mythological stories and found out “beej mantras” and its logical and practical science. This philosophy is considered to be the first language of beings. The beej mantras directly communicate with heavenly bodies hence correct way of chanting these mantras can eliminate all the mankind problems without any adverse effect says, Snehil Sharma.

Snehil Sharma who is a science student with a background of IT and MBA is certified from Kangri Gurukul. He has read and researched Shakta, Vaishnav, Shaviate and Vedic theologies and related it with meta physical nature. It is not like that no other guru is not preaching about mantra but he has captivated these mantras in practical manner. He goes into meditation of three forms of energy that are heat, light, and sound to eradicate materialistic problems of human beings. Though, his predictions are based on the science of Red book (Lal Kitab), Crystal and Face reading astrology. He also calculates color of one’s aura and find out its defects. Thereby, he eliminates it by his practical physics based solutions/upay or Beej Mantras. Contact him for the appointment at +91 8198838782.

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