A cricket tournament was organised in view of all round development and stress management of staff with sports activities. Many teams participated with enthusiasm and all sports. Where as in cricket tournament team Rocky ki scored 102 while replying to team Ashish’s 99 runs, team Mahesh defeated team Neeraj by scoring 71 runs, team Abhishek against team Indu holding 69 runs and team Piyush was defeated by team Ashima 90 runs.
Team Mahesh scored 160 runs in the semifinal as well as team Rocky were reduced to just 97 runs. In the second semi final while gaining 89, team Ashima entered in finals. Despite winning the toss in the final, team Ashima lost only one wicket in 10 balls where as team Mahesh was reduced to 12 runs. Need 14 runs to win the tournament.
Meanwhile considering the the importance of sports as paramount, royal estate director Pravin kansal said few words related to regular sports that are very important to reduce our daily stress and keep us healthy. At last but not least playing regular sports not only keeps the body healthy but also the mind. Every team stands with at least two womens within, giving equal preference to them in our organisation is our top most priority.


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