Garment entrepreneurs from Gurugram and Manesar have decided to shift their industries to Sector 29 of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YIDA), Greater Noida. There are plots of area of ​​1000 sqm and above. Some applied to pick him up in September-October last year.They have now made an allotment by paying the installment. Some entrepreneurs are applying now after seeing that area last week. On Monday, many entrepreneurs have gathered information in the application as well as the Yida office of Greater Noida.The law of providing 75 percent jobs in industries to the youth of Haryana was already known. That is why he started looking for a future in Yida, Greater Noida. Now the law has started to be allotted to the plots after the Governor gets the green signal.
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Many, including the Spring Overseas Industry of Manesar, have taken plots of 1000–1000 sqm. Many entrepreneurs have also made up their mind by going there on the last week and Monday. He went into detail in the Yida office. Along with this, applications have also been made for the plot.


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