Uttarakhand, 21 Dec 2023
If a stray dog is confirmed to be biting, the dog squad (dog van, driver, two dock catchers) will capture the dog. After this he will be kept for observation at ABC campus. After seven days of monitoring, if it is decided that the stray dog is not aggressive and has a biting tendency, then it will be released back to the same place after sterilization.

Providing relief to the people suffering from stray dog bites, the Directorate of Urban Development has issued SOP. Under this, every municipal body will have to form an Animal Birth Control (ABC) Monitoring Committee and also form a dog squad, which will take cognizance of the information about dog bites, investigate and take them with them.

After this he will be monitored for seven days. If it is proven that the dog is ferocious, it will not be released back to its original place. According to the instructions issued by Urban Development Director Nitin Bhadauria, this monitoring committee will hear complaints related to the problem of ferocious stray dogs on priority basis.


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