Nanakmatta, 21 Feb 2024: The employees started an indefinite protest with eight-point demands including the reinstatement of the environment friends and multipurpose employees who were removed from the Nagar Panchayat. The Trade Board and the outgoing Nagar Panchayat President also reached the protest site and supported the employees.

Environmental friends and multipurpose employees of Nagar Panchayat started a dharna in the Nagar Panchayat premises on Wednesday and raised questions on the functioning of EO Vimala Joshi of Nagar Panchayat. It is alleged that the EO, who had been working in the Nagar Panchayat office for many years, relieved eight environment friends and multi-purpose workers from their jobs under the guise of government order on February 1. Due to this, his family is facing the problem of livelihood.

He said that the protest will continue until other demands including reinstatement of the removed employees, weekly and festival leave, incentive amount of Rs 500 per month, complete abolition of PF are not met. Outgoing Nagar Panchayat President Prem Singh Turna, City President of Provincial Industry Trade Board Dinesh Goyal, General Secretary Gurnam Singh also supported the employees. There were city presidents of Safai Sangh, Sonu Kumar Bharti, Dheeraj Kumar, Santosh Gaurav, Sanjeet Kumar, Sagar Bharti, Arjun Kumar, Pradeep Rana, Vipin Rana etc.

Sanitation system stalled due to strike by environmental friends
Nanakmatta. The cleaning system came to a standstill due to the indefinite strike by environmental friends. Due to the removal of eight outsourced environment and multipurpose employees, other outsourced workers also went on strike in their support. Due to this the cleanliness system of the city collapsed. Dialogue


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