Uttarakhand, 16 December 2023.
Now parking your vehicle on the roadside in a no parking zone may cost you dearly. Traffic management will be monitored through drones. If a vehicle is found parked randomly on the roadside, it will be lifted with a crane. The vehicle will be released only after paying the fine.
On Thursday, Police Captain Pramendra Singh Dobal flagged off five cranes and four drone cameras operated on PPP mode near Mayapur outpost. Four cranes will operate in Haridwar area and one crane in Roorkee area. Traffic problem always persists in Haridwar. Besides, the problem of traffic jams persists due to vehicles parking on the roadside at various places in the city. For this, the SSP took the initiative and flagged off five cranes and four drone cameras.

With the help of drone cameras, the traffic system on the highways and inner city roads will be monitored. Whereas, randomly parked vehicles will be removed with cranes. SSP said that four cranes will work in the city and one crane will work in the rural areas. Towing charges will be levied on vehicles lifted by crane.


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