Dehradun, 26 March 2024: A vehicle met with an accident on the Khansi Motorway. Six people injured in the accident are undergoing treatment in Barkot. While one was referred to a higher centre.

A vehicle went out of control and crashed on the road at night on Molda Khansi motor road in Badkot tehsil area. Seven people including the driver were injured in the accident. They were brought to Badkot CHC with the help of villagers and police of Khansi village. One of them was referred to Higher Center Dehradun due to serious injuries.

SHO Santosh Kunwar said that the incident happened around 11 pm. CHC in-charge Dr Angad Rana said that one seriously injured person from Khansi village has been referred while six people are undergoing treatment in Barkot. Molda and Khansi were the occupants of the accidented vehicle.


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