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Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee recently appointed new Chairman for its organization. The new name is “Aman Sharma”. He is currently the managing director of Institute of Technology and Future Trends, New Chandigarh, Punjab. Nav Yug Ramleela is one of the oldest theatrical society that performs the ramleela event in annual shardiya navratri festival in sector 7/c Chandigarh.

Aman Sharma (MD @ ITFT)

Pardeep Kumar is the director of the committee, while Ajit Kumar is the appointed “Pradhan” of the committee. Newly voted senior vice president of the committee is Harmesh Bal and new vice president is Soni motor’s owner Ashok Soni. Joint Secretory of the society is Jitender Kumar and Assistant Cashier is Prithvi, Sanjay Midda. General Secretory is Pradeep Rawat, mentored by former General Secretory “Vikas Sood”.

Aman Sharma is the Managing Director of ITFT College and was formly in news for celebrating Neerja Bhanaut’s 55th birthday. He is co owner of ITFT college along with Gulshan Sharma. As per the sources, the inter ramleela competition organized by Ramlila Mahasabha will be hosted by NRDC this year.


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